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>> live from studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan, welcome to the first show after the fourth of july. >> the four day week. four day weeks are like a blessing and a curse. >> in what way? because the curse in that you have to jam all five days into four days and the weekend is three days away. >> we'll happily try that. today is a tuesday that feels like a monday. >> and i have headlines. >> let's take it like it's a brand new day. >> great. we're going to begin with a fox news alert. four nato service members have been killed in two separate attacks in eastern afghanistan. three troops died of a roadside bomb went off. fourth soldier died in a separate insurgent attack. it's not clear if any of the troops were americans. the latest round of violence brings the death toll to nine coalition troops within the last month. another fox news alert, the mexican navy says it plans to extend the search for seven missing u.s. tourists today. they disappeared early yesterday when a fishing boat capsized in
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the gulf of california at least one of the 27 americans on board was killed. the boat carrying a total of 44 passengers and crew members appears to have been hit by two massive waves. there's still hope they could be alive. witnesses report some had been wearing life jackets. in just about two hours, 2 1/2 hours, the jury will resume deliberations in the casey anthony murder trial. the jury got the case yesterday afternoon after hearing a final rebuttal from prosecutors arguing that anthony killed her daughter caylee. >> as the facts and circumstances changed over the course of time, the defendant's lies changed. they got bigger. they got better. they involved more people. >> meanwhile, a makeshift memorial has been set up at the site where caylee anthony's body was found. we'll have more on the trial in a few minutes. a jury consultant explains what could be going through their minds this morning. freedom, just a matter of days
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away for dominique strauss-khan. a top investigator tells "the new york post" charges against the former imf chief could be dropped any time now. he faces charges for raping a new york hotel maid but her credibility has come into question in recent days. the investigator says dismissal is a certainty. his next appearance in court more than two weeks away. what better way to end a patriotic weekend than with fireworks? here in new york city, the spectacular display lit up the sky over the hudson river. families also celebrated on facebook posting pictures of their loved ones serving our great country. here's private first class adrian van wyck in the middle holding the flag and check out little margaret codgill. she was just reunited with her dad after he spent a year in iraq. that's a sweet one. >> that's a great shot to end on. and let's talk about a new beginning. new beginning today as the senate comes back to work and says i know i was supposed to have off. i'm going to come back and work on the arm because we have a deficit ceiling that we're about
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to slam up against on august 2nd. the president is on vacation. the senate comes back. house is in session. what's gonna happen? there's word of a deal that could be on the table to break the logjam. >> it sounds like what they're going to do first of all, it all comes down to health care and dana, since you're here, we're going to pick your brain a little bit. the republicans are very clear. no new tax increases on anybody across the board. those loopholes and stuff like that, it sounds like they might stand as well. the democrats are saying we have to have something like that. is there any give at all that you can see? >> i know there's reports of sort of a mini deal meaning you could get a little bit of spending restrictions for a little bit of an increase in the debt ceiling. how long will that last? >> it kind of doesn't matter because people i've spoke to on both sides, white house has rejected an idea and sources on the republican side tell me maybe that was a possibility a little while ago, it's no longer on the table. i think it's more unlikely now they would do a mini deal. >> that's what i hear, too.
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some political insiders say it has to be done by the 22nd of july for august 2nd to be a real deal and on top of that, the obama administration evidently has made an offer to cut medicare and medicaid in return for the republicans giving into some tax increases. number one, to say that broadly, medicaid and medicare without -- because there's so much subtly and nuance to those cuts hence paul ryan's plan, let's make it a voucher plan. let's kill seniors quickly. so i'm just wondering where that comes from. it seems like an oversimplification. >> there's an item in "the new york times" that details what some of those cuts might be and if you're on medicare or medicaid, remember, it does not apply to you. it just doesn't. the cuts would be going forward. medicare payments to hospitals for uncollectible patient debt, training of doctors, elimination of overpayments to nursing homes and reduction in federal share of some medicaid spending as well. >> i think a lot of senators like senator cornin said on this mini deal problem, he said the problem is we don't have a mini
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problem, we have a maxi problem and one of the things that i think the senators feel like they'll hold out for is some sort of wholesale reform which is in "the new york times" kind of tinkering around the edges. with the education the american people have had over the past year, year and a half, they realize the tinkering doesn't work and this is an opportunity to actually get something done. >> plus i love deadlines because i'm tired of things going on and on and on. these are the same problems we're clearly going to kick down the road and no one wants to deal with it head on. everybody is concerned about 2012. who suffers? the country and the economy. therefore, everybody. so i'm hoping that this august 2nd date, even if it's made up, both of them look at it as real because we got to get this deal done. >> we'll hear from senator ron johnson later on in the show who has been one of the -- he is one of the newest members and he actually ran a business and he has thoughts on what they should or shouldn't do. >> editorial by david brooks in "the new york times" who talks about right now republicans have
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got the no brainer of the century. and he writes and says that right now, the g.o.p. offered the deal of the century trillions of dollars in spending cuts in exchange for a few hundred million dollars worth of revenue increases. or tax increases and he says that the republicans would be crazy, david brooks does, not to jack up taxes a little bit but then he goes on to say, real independents look at the 2012 election and says, you know, the republicans could have jacked up taxes that much and save that much in spending but they blew it. hence, he surmises they would lose a whole bunch of independent reporters. >> 1992, presidential election race, read my lips, no new taxes? actually, people have actually believed he meant that, right? when taxes did increase, then bill clinton came in and it's the economy stupid, 13 months later, he wins the presidency and george h.w. bush ended up being a first term president.
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i disagree with david brooks who i respect very much. i actually think the republicans are in a stronger position if they hold firm. why should they once again give president obama a win? remember on the extension of the bush tax cuts. president obama didn't want that. we did it -- the republicans pushed to do it anyway and everybody else stood there shocked when president obama took credit for extending the bush tax cuts. four months later, he says he has to increase taxes. he says increasing taxes would hurt job creation and at the end of the day, that's what this conversation really is all about. >> sure, right, true. however, it's the way it's going to be made to be a cartoon. for example, bush 41 raised taxes as part of a deal to get something that he wants. >> he still raised taxes, that's the problem. >> he did. this in reality if you cut $3 trillion from the budget and raise $200 million in taxes in reality that's a huge win for republicans who only have one of the three chambers so if you can do what david brooks says, he says the party is no longer
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conservative. they're a faction of conservativism which essentially he's calling out the tea party for what he says is making a rational guess and say you'll lose independence by doing so. >> we'll see. i think that -- i don't think that's right. from a political standpoint, i read today that the white house said that president obama has been perfectly consistent in saying that the debt ceiling should be raised. that's not exactly right. that's true as president. that was not true when he was senator and when he had very strong words against the former president about raising the debt ceiling and maybe, maybe we shouldn't have been raising the debt ceiling all of these years, you can go either way but it's not right to say he's been consistent. >> sure. meanwhile, if the tv is on right now at vice president's house up there at the observatory, why doesn't somebody just turn it off for a second, ok? ok, good. it could be bad news for joe biden if you believe what is written in "the new york post," fred dicker who is the guy in
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albany is quoting a number of people up there in the state capital of new york as saying that it sounds like joe biden could be out as vice president on the ticket in 2012. in his place, andrew cuomo, the current governor of new york. >> they say a prominent democrat has joined a prominent republican. he's highly respected and take no prisoners type guy and he says this is what he's hearing, that biden doesn't help at all. the president is in a lot of trouble and cuomo is the white hot democratic ticket in a very big and vital state of new york. >> most importantly, one, the white house says it's not true and secondly, biden himself, he's been the target of getting off a ticket since january of 2009. when hillary clinton was going to take it over and that would be the smart thing to do politically. as much as people might have strong feelings about vice president biden, i think that for president obama, he's been a
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good vice president. he marches his soldiers on. he does the bidding. and he -- i think there's no reason for it to change but also this, while i respect the reporter and i'm sure he's got good sources, i just don't see what changing courses mid stream and getting the governor from new york gets you
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>> you can tell how much the white house doesn't want to talk about something when they dump it out on a friday. according to the economic council of advisors, they've come out with their seventh quarterly report and what they said is the stimulus, remember, it was going to save us from big -- >> save or create three million jobs. >> it was going to do that. it didn't do that. of the jobs it did save or create, each of those jobs cost an average of $278,000 per job. >> these are the three economists the white house hired to put together and form this council so they say here, we've got 2 1/2 million jobs, congratulations, private or public. but it costs $660 billion. if you do the math and dana can do it, me and steve can't,
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that's bad news. >> you could write a check -- you could have written a check to everybody for $100,000 that had one of these jobs created and we actually would have been better off. >> and they probably -- and we probably would have had half a trillion dollars. >> it's a significant problem for the administration. it was the thing they hung their hat on. kind of think that people believe it will go away. it goes back to a fundamental question of you how you create jobs and wealth in this country and the stimulus bill wasn't it. >> give them $100,000 and have them go to model's and we'll be fine. her fate now in the hands of the jury. up next, the one person who could swing the verdict either way in the casey anthony case. we could have a verdict today. >> and talk about extra baggage. wait until you hear what this guy was doing hiding in that suitcase. >> oh, my gosh. k9 advantix ii.
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if you have high cholesterol, you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. >> all right. casey anthony's fate in the hands of the jury you might know. deliberations are set to get under way in just about two hours from right this second. the prosecution getting the
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final word yesterday painting casey as a pathological liar. but did they make a strong enough case against her to actually get her a lethal injection at the end? joining us now, susan constantine. she's been inside the courtroom since the beginning of the case and let's focus really on what you picked up in looking at the jury. first off, the body language in the prosecution close, did you know anything specific? >> well, in the prosecution close, what we noticed is really a lot of the jurors have stopped taking notes. you know, we have gotten to the point where now they've pretty much formulated who it is that they're going to -- or how they're going to vote and at this point in time, they were just intently watching. just a few note takers. we had juror number 16, juror number 1 was taking just small little notes but on the most part, they weren't taking notes. they were just really listening. >> and where were they looking? were they looking at the attorney? or were they looking at the defendant?
6:17 am
>> they were looking at the attorney. not at any moment were they looking at casey. in fact, you know, what i had heard even through the -- when they had their break, i actually wasn't there. but i had heard through the media that was upstairs is when the jury was let out, that they never even looked at casey anthony as they were exiting. >> interesting. you say and you had surmised at one point you seem to have seven pro prosecution, four pro defense and one seemed swayable. do you still hold to that? >> yes, i do. not only subjectively have i watched them throughout the entire trial but i have picked out about seven jurors who i feel like are more pro defense based on their body language, what they're noting and what's important to them. it's interesting to me the dynamics of what's going to happen behind closed doors with deliberations. each one of those jurors has something very interesting to bring to the table. we have a coach in there who i think is going to really rally
6:18 am
the team. probably will be the foreman. i saw one sway juror number -- go ahead. >> no, i wanted to get to one thing that i wanted you to look at. tell me about casey. towards the end, i understand, when the prosecution's closing, she seemed to be very emotional and was mouthing something, almost to say that's not the truth. that's not the way it was. true? >> well, that's what she does any time she doesn't agree with something, she always shakes her head and that's something the defense also kind of teaches their client to do is when they disagree, not to become angry but just to kind of shake their head back and forth. but i observed them both scientifically with jury quest and subjectively, mirroring it together. we're at 58% towards the prosecution. it's not a slam dunk but i believe that we're going to have a conviction here. >> when do you think we'll get a verdict? >> well, i estimated anywhere between 10 hours and two days. >> ok. that would mean nothing today
6:19 am
and we'll see if we get any questions coming out from the jury also. thank you very much, susan. going to be interesting to speculate. i know the country wasn't barbecuing. they were watching this trial through the weekend. thank you. >> yes. thank you. >> all right. straight ahead, he's an illegal alien who has made it all the way to the white house, how did that happen? we'll ask him and media matters using taxpayer money to attack fox news. so who is leading this far left group? and what makes this guy tick? dr. keith ablow goes inside the minds of david brock. thanks to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase, so me and my lads earned arip to san francisco twice as fast we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying. ...and all of those. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang!
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>> some quick headlines. secret service is now investigating after fox news's politics twitter account was hacked. six tweets were sent out reporting that president obama had been shot and killed. fox news says the tweets are malicious and will conduct its own investigation as well. three top iowa staffers are ditching republican hopeful h herman cain's campaign. last week, his campaign director quit citing similar circumstances. >> we've been telling you about that leftie web site, media matters and its use of taxpayer money to attack fox news. so who is the ringleader behind the organization? that guy right there. david brock. what goes on in the head of him? his head? joining us right now is psychiatrist and fox news contributor dr. keith ablow. i understand you've done a psychological profile of david brock. what did you find? >> well, look, i looked at him from a distance but you don't have to look very hard to see into the man's mind apparently.
6:24 am
this is somebody who seemingly has such low self-esteem, steve, that he's lurching from one group to another. whoever will embrace him and reassure him that he's a decent guy and be his cheerleader in a dramatic way. that's who he's going to be with. remember, during the 1990's, he described himself as a right wing hit man and his message machine said this is the guy dedicated to bringing clinton down. it's always very violent rhetoric about bringing the other father figure to his knees. this, i think, comes out of his personal life. and he'll switch sides depending on whether he thinks he's going to get more acclaim on the other side. >> that's right. you're exactly right. he was a self-described right wing hit man back in the 1990's and now he's a left wing hit man. he was a journalist and now he's an admitted liar on a book he did regarding anita hill.
6:25 am
he said i'm coming forward to tell the truth now. and the truth is i lied. and it was a terrible lie. so it's perfectly understandable that many people may not know whether to believe me now. what does that say to you? >> you can't believe this guy because he's full of self-hatred which he then projects on the world around him. in order to get love. so he's got to have somebody to hate because he thinks that's the way -- the best way to galvanize the love in his direction. so yes, it's always about being a hit man, you know, exposing someone. there's very sexual connotations here, taking the father figure down. this is a guy who was adopted. i don't know whether he has deep seeded feelings about whether he wasn't loved. he was given up for adoption. now, look, a lot of adopted people are well adjusted. but when you've got somebody in the public eye who's switching sides in such vigorous fashion,
6:26 am
it goes all the way back to college for this person, apparently, when he lied, told a very, very vigorous lie about his opposition candidate to get the editorship of the college paper in order to bring that guy down. he's looking any way that he can get narcissistic reinforcement to tell him he's a decent person and one good way to do it, you identify a group, you pick on them. and you, therefore, get accolades from the other side. he switched sides when his book on clinton didn't do that well. so the right wing didn't embrace him quite as much. he said you know what? screw those people. i'm going tofor the left. >> interesting. thank you very much, keith ablow joining us from boston with your assessment. >> very dangerous man, my friend. >> thank you, dr. keith. >> all right. steve, take care. >> you as well. talk about extra baggage. wait until you hear why this guy jammed himself into that
6:27 am
suitcase. and then new white house regulations on the auto industry promised to help save the planet. but what if that means more expensive cars? stuart varney who is constantly walking, he doesn't need no stinking car. he's motoring into the studio e. he'll be with us in a minute. yotake any surce, and place it between the earth's justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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>> i better get through this quick. stuart varney is walking this way. shot of the morning. check out this amazing picture of a monkey taken by the monkey himself. i don't buy this at all. by the way, it looks like a human. those are human teeth, aren't they? the photographer is in indonesia when he decides to let one of the monkeys try out his camera. do we believe this? looking into hundreds of pictures and writing a novel including this incredible
6:31 am
self-portrait. they think the monkey was intrigued by the sound of the shutter. for one thing, those are human eyes and human teeth. >> he might have heard something about the weiner scandal and thought i'll give this a shot. >> it's true. i don't see a scandal coming out of this one in particular or this is a big promo for "zookeeper" the big kevin james coming out on friday where animals actually talk. >> monkey see, monkey do. >> i've never heard that. where's that from? i remember the barrels of monkeys where you hook one and in theory on the commercial, you'd hook it all. when in theory i'd get four and say is that all you can do? >> i think you were a jenga guy when you were growing up. >> angry birds. >> let's talk about this, the white house is full speed ahead on the internet trying to get barack obama re-elected. and in fact, we now know they're going to use facebook and
6:32 am
twitter coming up on wednesday, they'll have -- >> unlike 2008 where 2008 we knew where it was -- hey, look at the text message, they can e-mail now. this is going to be different. this is all about social media now, twitter, facebook, text messaging and there was one other. >> four square? >> it can't be -- >> there's one other way in which they're doing it and i'll tell you what, the administration has a lot to live up to. they pioneered. digital age. >> there's so many more people on it. my mom the other day said how do i follow you on twitter? which is a good question. i realize, do you know that you don't follow me on twitter? >> oh, what is wrong with you? >> i'm going to have to talk to my administrator, my daughter sally. >> obviously, he's -- >> i'll tell you how you can follow me. >> look. let me go to uber twitter. >> you better follow the white house, too. >> the other thing you do, too, what the administration has done, they're breaking up their
6:33 am
twitter feed into 50 states so they'll have a special message for montana, for texas, for new york and florida. >> which is fine, it's all about zooming in so people -- >> yeah but this time around, the republicans and the tea party folks and the conservatives have caught up and so, i don't know really how the white house stays one step ahead on this. >> i think the same thing. it all got started with howard dean even four years before that. >> yeah. >> when a fox news contributor joe trippe as a political consultant thinks ahead on all of those things. >> he did that all to get on fox. other thing is mobile apps. they're starting to use apps on this. >> is there an app for that? >> yes. >> isn't there an app to improve your job performance as president? >> if there is, they should click on it right now. when you look at the president's job performance right now, you can see that, ok, currently, he's a 46%, just in three weeks,
6:34 am
he dropped 2% as you can see right there. that's a fox opinion -- a fox news poll that has come out in the past week. >> dropped only a couple of points. >> these numbers are fluctuating just between like 44% to 49% and i think that's going to be the range that he's in. even a bad month on jobs numbers, this past weekend, if you did it again, they had a great event at the white house for the troops which was wonderful. so people that saw that are like yeah, i like that guy. but i still don't want -- i don't like the job performance but if you're in between 44% and 49% and you're pulling out all of these bells and whistles and you're not moving the needle, then you've got a little bit of a problem. >> which might be talking about why cuomo might -- his name might pop up. let's look at what the republicans are doing. they were out and about in all the states especially iowa and new hampshire yesterday. you had a situation in -- situation with mitt romney as well as -- >> john huntsman. >> governor huntsman where they actually ran into each other, shook hands and pat each other on the back yesterday. >> look at that.
6:35 am
>> what could you be doing in new hampshire? there's michelle bachmann. >> and, you know, as you look at these images right here, in a little while, we'll tell you about some crazy leftie study from harvard that says that very patriotic events like the fourth of july parade, benefits republicans. we'll give you the rationale and the twisted logic coming up in a little bit. right now, we got some headlines on this tuesday that feels like a monday. >> let's give you the rest of your headlines. an autopsy could shed some light on the case of missing indiana student laura spierer. it will be conducted on a female body found in a creek north of indianapolis. police have been searching for her since june 2nd when she was seen leaving a sports bar in the city after a night out with friends. >> meanwhile, one of the most wanted men in mexico busted. jesus aguillar reportedly third in command of the cartel arrested outside of mexico city. the u.s. government had a $5
6:36 am
million warrant on him. he is suspected of plotting the ambush that left u.s. customs agent zilpada dead. >> talk about a heavy packer. this guy with his hand covering his face had his girlfriend stuff him in the suitcase to try to escape from a mexican prison after a conjugal visit. it did not work. conjugal visit worked but he didn't get out. she he's under arrest. she illegally possessed him on a rollaway luggage cart. >> and prayer rang out at an independence day protest at the houston national cemetery. >> in jesus name, amen. >> amen! >> thousands showed up because they're unhappy with the cemetery's director being sued for the second time over claims she tried to censor religious prayers during burial services. >> she needs to be removed. taxpayers pay her salary and i
6:37 am
think in my opinion she's clearly in violation of the first amendment in her attitude towards the burial services. >> a federal judge is set to rule on the second lawsuit later this month. >> all right. now it's time for sports. that guy over there in front of the scoreboard. >> they raise thce them fast. i'm going to roll the prompter or read the script. it was a great independence day for one american rider. in the cycling race, in the sprint finish hanging on for the gutsy win. he becomes the first american ever to win the tour de france stage on the fourth of july. he's known as one of the best sprinters in the world. the same guy we were talking about in the break is the overall leader. it's the ninth inning of roger clemens legal fight against the federal government. this will be a big one. the search time cy young award winner has a perjury trial and it opens up tomorrow. he's fighting charges that he
6:38 am
lied about using steroids and hgh and tried to discredit his former trainer who outted him. much to his surprise, the trainer kept what he says is d.n.a. from clemens. clemens told the house committee under oath, he never used anything, performance enhanceers, hgh, the trial will face four to six weeks. he faces a maximum 40 years in prison if convicted. you know who the big witness might be? you know this, chris. andy petitte. not for clemens. the quest for 3,000 hits resumed last night for derek jeter who came off the disabled list with a cap strain. he's six hits away from the promised land and reaches base right here. he will in a second on a slow grounder to third. but it's bobbled. it doesn't count as a hit. the third baseman scored an error. yankees lose. not every combination. six hits away from getting 3,000. yankees lost 6-3. coming up on radio, jennifer griffin, andrea tantaros, bill schultz, and an author that we'll have here shortly who will be joining us here, the head coach of auburn football. that's from 9:00 until noon.
6:39 am
what about now? >> right now, brian, the obama administration is getting tough with fuel efficiency standards telling big carmakers they have to boost efficiency to 56 miles per gallon by 2025. that sounds good. but could it have an adverse effect on the auto industry? stuart varney? >> probably, yes. look, i think this is the centerpiece of a new energy policy from the administration. think of it, what have you got as an energy policy now? vague terms on can we drill for oil or not drill for oil? we hate coal. we're going to subsidize wind. we're not sure about nukes. we don't really have an energy policy. along comes 56 miles per gallon. we'll make you carmakers do that by the year 2025. there's an energy policy that will only take effect into the next four presidential terms but satisfies constituents and environmentalists right now. >> and it's all sort of a
6:40 am
gimmick. you don't have to have all your cars getting 56 miles per gallon. it's a range. so you can have your suv's that people want to buy for all sorts of reasons, carry the gear and get to the soccer games and be safe and then you can have cars that other people choose to buy that are much higher mileage. so it's actually pretty much a gimmick. >> so long as you've got an average of all the vehicles you produce, creating 56 miles per gallon, as long as the average for your entire fleet, you can go out there and have consumers buy whatever they want. i mean, they can go all for gas guzzlers so long as your fleet has enough smaller compact cars that get good gas mileage in that fleet corporate average, you're ok as a car maker. >> you know, the gas has dropped since they tapped the oil reserves. what was it, $3.56 a gallon now. isn't that good news? isn't that good news on those people want a vacation this summer. >> yes, it is. >> better anyway. >> it's better but the downturn
6:41 am
has stopped which sharply dropped 30%, 3$0.05 a gallon and now we've stopped around $3.55, maybe we'll start going back up a little bit now that the july 4th holiday is over. >> when you look at what they have on the average for fuel efficiency, they're pushing the hybrids, the only cars remotely close at this stage. >> isn't it typical of this administration to say hey, you car companies, we know how to run a car industry, you will do this. and hey, you consumers, you will buy this. it's kind of talked down command economy. i don't think it -- >> and the head of the association did say we're for more efficiency and we're working towards that but this will hurt our ability to create jobs in america. >> why do you have to have the government telling the car industry what to do? why can't you just have consumers buy what they want to buy. >> in the marketplace? >> why don't we let consumers to have free choice of what they
6:42 am
want. >> why don't we do bottom up as opposed to top down? it might work better. >> i drove a volt, i told you for a week. very impressive but i didn't want to plug one more thing in at the end of the night. it was very strange. plugging in my car at the end of the night. >> see you at 9:20 on the fox business network. >> yes, you will. thank you. >> thank you, sir. straight ahead, he's a pulitzer prize winning journalist who has even been to the white house but jose vargas now admits he's living in the united states illegally. how did that happen for years? he's live here next to explain. >> and maria shriver officially filing for divorce. and then going one step further. >> uh-oh. [ male announcer ] where'd you get that idea?
6:43 am
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so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad, and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds." the motorola expert from sprint. trouble hearing on the phone? visit >> a pulitzer prize winning journalist is revealing he's an illegal immigrant and he's hoping that admission will help change the dialogue on the immigration debate in in country. >> joining us is the co-founder of define american and former reporter for "the washington post" among other newspapers, jose antonio vargas. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> take me back to this moment when you first found out you were not here legally. >> i got here from the
6:46 am
philippines when i was 12 and it wasn't until i was 16 when i went to the dmv, i found out. i gave the woman my driver's permit. she looked at my green card. she flipped it around and she said this is fake. don't come back here again. so that's when i went home and confronted -- >> you thought you had been in this country absolutely legally. your family has done everything right. >> exactly. i was living with my grandparents and i just assumed, why wouldn't i assume, you know? and yeah, so i found out when i was 16. this is 1997. >> and then it built -- you wanted to stay in the country, you love the country and i can imagine that you are quite nervous all the time and in fact, i read some of the things that you wrote, you built lie after lie after lie until it became too much. >> yes, i mean, i think -- i can imagine, you know, i'm not the only person in this situation. i can only imagine -- >> there are millions. >> but i can only imagine what kids, you know, when they're teenagers, when they find out because some kids find out when they're like maybe 16 or 15 or
6:47 am
13 what they might be thinking sitting in a classroom thinking, you know, it's hard enough to get through high school, right? but to get through high school having something like this, it's like -- >> absolutely. let me ask you this. fast forward to your adult life. >> yes. >> you're a reporter at the "washington post." >> yeah. >> management there knows you're in this country illegally. >> i actually told one person four months after getting hired at "the washington post," i, you know, started freaking out. this was around 2004, october of 2004. >> whose social security number were you given? >> actually, my grandfather and i, when i was younger, went to the social security administration with this passport which i didn't know was fake. i didn't find that out until later on but we got a social security number and at one point, when i was trying to get a job, my grandfather and i went to the kinkos and basically -- >> so he helped forge the document, basically. fast forwarding from there, you've left "the washington
6:48 am
post." >> i actually left -- i made up my mind around last year that i was going to do this. >> that you were going to work on the dream act. >> that i was going to come forward with my story and i was going to do this which meant that i can't really be employed. so i didn't want to drag anybody else. i mean, this is what's really important to know is none of my employers, you know, i didn't want to tell them because if i told them, it would put them in a bad spot, right? when i decided to do this, i wanted to make sure i was as independent as possible. >> with the dream act, and young students would be -- who are in this country, people of school age would become citizens. >> yes. >> and you say you are -- you would be happy to get in the line now. >> yes. i would be -- i mean, more than any, of course, i'm definitely for the dream act. it's almost 10 years old. the dream act is 10 years old this august. >> right. >> but more than any policy discussion, i think what we really need to have is a conversation. i mean, you were in the white
6:49 am
house -- >> i wanted to ask you about that. one of the things that you said, the dream act while itself in theory, i think most people could agree with. there's lots of different types of dream acts and there's this question of if you do it once and some might call that amnesty, how do you keep from doing it again? how do you prevent the massive fraud? you say you're willing to start a conversation with that. how would you do that? >> i think more than anything else, when president bush was in the white house, i think he first -- he gave the first ever primetime speech on immigration, right, and he talked the need for a rational middle ground. and increase border security. >> make employers have to check social security numbers through e verify. >> but to compromise and say all right, there should be a path for legalization, for people who have been here and educated here and paying taxes. how do we get back to the middle ground? >> do you understand americans' frustration? that guy has been illegally here for years and he wants to stay. >> of course i understand that.
6:50 am
that's why it was important to come forward and say i'm sorry i broke our country's laws and sorry i had to do what i had to do but what was i supposed to do? i wanted to work. i wanted to pay taxes and i wanted to contribute. >> you come on and tell your story which helps everyone have a better conversation about it. >> hopefully. >> thank you so much for coming on this morning. >> thank you very much for having me. i appreciate it. >> straight ahead on this tuesday morning, will the jury send casey anthony to death row? judge napolitano says he can answer that question. >> did you go to the parade this weekend or watch the fireworks? a liberal study says watch out, it might have turned you into a republican of all things! >> oh, boy. always something. >> terrible. as i get older, i'm making changes to support my metabolism.
6:51 am
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>> they gave you two weeks of testimony that was completely irrelevant and served only one purpose. and that was to paint casey anthony as a slut, as a party girl, as a girl who lies, and has absolutely nothing to do with how caylee died. >> the defense gave it their all trying to knock down the prosecution's claims that casey anthony was a pathological liar. did they do enough to make -- to convince the jury? joining us now is our own fox news judicial analyst and anchor of "freedom watch" judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning. >> you don't think the state has made a case for first degree murder th murder? >> no, i don't. first degree murder requires planning and plotting, calculating, the old phrase was lying in wait, you know, as if you'd wait for the victim to arrive. even by the state's own theory here, she killed this girl in
6:55 am
order to return to her youthful lifestyle. and the matter in which she killed the girl was a spontaneous effort to do so. it wasn't sort of a plotting and planning. that doesn't mean that she's going to be acquitted. remember, there are seven different crimes for which the -- for which she's been indicted. she can be convicted of any of them. only capital murder, two first degree murders. first degree murder with a death penalty and first degree murder without a death penalty. only one with the death penalty would make her eligible for the death penalty. if she is convicted of that, guess what? a second trial will start. probably by the end of this week before the same jury and the issue will be life or death? and then the jury decides whether or not to impose the death penalty and there's a lot of very strict rules that the jury has to follow that come down from the u.s. supreme court before the death penalty can be imposed. >> you were surprised that the judge allowed in some evidence that you think could open the case up to appeal before it even
6:56 am
ends. >> in the little clip that you just ran, the opening, that was jose baez, her lawyer saying you listened to two weeks of testimony that had nothing to do with the way caylee died. you're right, the two weeks of testimony were tape recordings of conversations that the defendant had with the police and it showed her in a terrible light. it showed her as a liar, as a shrew and a slut they were trying to paint her as. it had nothing to do with innocent and guilt in this case. that causes the jury to hate her. that shouldn't have been admitted. question, who would want to be judged by a judge that hates you? the judge, the jurors, should be neutral. >> i'm sure you're going to be watching it all day long. you don't know if the jury will end it today but on "freedom watch" weeknights at 8:00 p.m. on fox business, i'm sure you'll have an update. appreciate you coming on this morning. >> pleasure to be with you. >> thanks so much, taxes pay our teachers but they don't see the whole check. some money will be rerouted
6:57 am
straight to the democrats? know somebody looking for work? there are five companies hiring right now. we'll tell you more about it soon.
6:58 am
6:59 am
purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all striving for it. nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. i>> thanks. good morning, it's tuesday,
7:00 am
july 5th. i'm dana perino in for gretchen carlson. we're on verdict watch, excuse me in, the casey anthony murder trial. jurors back to work today deciding if she deserves the death penalty. >> and we told you about david brock of media matters using your tax dollars to launch a war on fox news but david brock isn't alone. wait until you hear what his number two guy has to say about the site's strategy. >> i'll be too excited for that. perhaps bizarre behavior like this is behind keifer sutherland's latest trouble. >> that would explain everything! >> oh, yeah. jack bower tackling the christmas tree. the bad news he's waking up to this morning. "fox & friends" hour two for a tuesday starts right now. >> good morning. >> how you doing? >> dana is in for gretch today.
7:01 am
good to see you. good to have you, look, don't you radiate summer? you mean, that's -- not just because you match my tie. when i see you, i say wake up, america. >> hello. >> do you remember -- i think it was in the 1980's or the 1990's when they would have these people tell you what your season was. >> yeah. >> i was a spring. were you a summer? >> i think so. >> i was off season. and that's what they told me. >> i think you would either be a fall or winter. >> i'm not really sure. >> maybe we could get the body langua language. >> winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call. we have your headlines. >> headlines now. fox news alert from afghanistan. two separate attacks leaving four nato service members dead. both happened overnight in eastern afghanistan. three troops died after a roadside bomb went off. a fourth soldier died in a separate insurgent attack. not clear if any of the troops were americans. this latest round of violence brings the death toll to nine coalition troops since the start
7:02 am
of last month. another developing story, the mexican navy is extending the search for seven missing u.s. tourists. they disappeared when a fishing boat capsized in the gulf of california. there's still hope they could be alive because the water is warm. the boat carrying a total of 44 passengers and crew members was hit by two massive waves. one man, an american, was, unfortunately, found dead. in just about 90 minutes, the jury will resume deliberations in the casey anthony murder trial. the jury got the case yesterday after hearing a final rebuttal from prosecutors arguing caylee's death was no accident. >> if this truly was an accident in the pool, caylee anthony would have been found floating in the pool, not floating in a swamp down the street. no person would ever make the accidental death of a child look like murder. >> meanwhile, a makeshift
7:03 am
memorial has been set up at the site where caylee anthony's body was found. a little later, we'll get the latest on the case with america's most wanted correspondent jon leiberman. general david petraeus making predictions on the future of the war in afghanistan. he takes over the c.i.a. in september and expects the taliban surge and that could mean an al-qaida resurgence. >> that task has been accomplished but, of course, it is threatened because, of course, the taliban allowed al-qaida on afghan soil when it ran the country. and we believe that there's a high likelihood that would happen again. >> petraeus also expects the u.s. to shift its focus from taliban strong holds in the south to the mountainous border with pakistan. the comments come weeks after president obama announced plans to withdraw more than 30,000 troops by the end of next year. an explosive show over the national mall, revelers got to enjoy this display in what better place, the nation's
7:04 am
capital. the celebrations weren't just here in america. over in afghanistan, the marines chowed down on some delicious barbecue. that is it look good. >> almost like famous dave's. almost, yeah. almost. >> like famous dave petraeus. >> famous dave petraeus who is counting down the days. especially july 4th. senator mccain and senator graham. >> i think general petraeus is really going to miss the troops. spending his whole career, going to the c.i.a. is a great move for him. i know he'll miss those troops very much. >> i'm happy for his family because he'll get to be stateside for most of the time oochl ahe'll have to run some errands. >> yeah, i think so. >> that honey do list got a little closer. >> exactly. >> meanwhile, speaking of senators, the senators will be working today. house returns tomorrow. they had planned to recess but because of the looming debt limit talks, they're back there -- right there at the u.s. capital. now, what we understand is they're going to be talking more
7:05 am
about what to do about health care and it sounds as if the administration is willing to make some rather substantial cuts to medicare and medicaid but it all depends on how big of a tax for revenue increase the republicans are willing to go along with. >> well, kind of. although i think that the republicans -- >> that's what the democrats are saying. >> yeah, the republican position has been a stated position, senator mcconnell and john boehner, we are not going to talk about revenue raisers. we do not have a spending problem. >> no, no. > >> we have a spending problem. they're going to say no, no, maybe people think there's going to be some sort of a comprehensive deal but i think it's maybe a little too generous to say the administration is willing to do major cuts on health care or medicare reform. i think they're around the edges. >> got a trillion dollars before the talks break down. >> we'll see. a chance to talk to a senator from wisconsin a little later. he's been heavily involved and actually corresponding with the white house in trying to get
7:06 am
answers. >> they're talking about cutting tens of billions of dollars from medicare. tens of billions of dollars from medicare and medicaid to reduce the federal deficit. they said what i want you to do, republicans, is agree to increase tax revenues. ok? fine. last time you asked that, eric cantor left, the biden talks. last time he asked that, you had in the gang of six become a gang of five, senator coburn hit the streets -- hit the pavement. senator kyle left as well. it's a nonstarter for republicans. however, when you talk about getting past august 2nd, raising the deficit ceiling so we can continue as a country and not default on our debt or forced to not pay certain people and pay other people, they're talking now about a mini deal. >> right. >> that's the best they can get. >> there are tools available to the treasury that would allow them to tinker with it and maybe you get august 2nd. that's the date they've decided to focus on. many deals was going to be if
7:07 am
you get a little bit of cuts for a little bit of increase, it was going to be this, ok, we'll do this every month and we'll be here every month and we'll keep doing this. i think that was more attractive to them about three weeks ago and what i hear is that that is off the table now and the white house has rejected it as well. >> here's what senator john cornin said about it on "fox news sunday." >> well, the problem with the mini deal is we have a maxi problem and these -- the big problems aren't going to go away if you cut a mini deal. all it does is delay the moment of truth and so i think better now than then. but if we can't, we'll take the savings we can get now and we will relitigate this as we get closer to the election. >> there's also talk that senator schumer is pushing forward, provision in the 14th amendment that would allow the president to go past and spend as much as he wants. >> really? >> and ignore the deficit ceiling. so they might explore that a little bit. >> i read something about that last night from a constitutional
7:08 am
scholar from catholic university saying that does not hold any water. >> what does the white house say about a mini deal during these maxi troubled times? the president has consistently said it is in the country's economic interest for congress to reach common ground on a significant long-term deficit reduction package. he has been clear in conversations with leaders in both parties about that. so the white house says they will prefer a long term deal but if short term is all they can get, that's probably where we'll wind up. stay tuned. meanwhile, here's a shocker. nea, the national education association, big teachers union has endorsed president barack obama's re-election. >> i know! it's really shocking. >> i almost fell over. >> wow! >> here's the thing, not only do they throw their support and urge the members of their union to vote that direction, they're also asking to pay that direction. they're talking about a $10 tax on union teachers nationally to help support the messaging of the re-election bid of president
7:09 am
obama which is unbelievable. >> yeah. >> so to think everyone is going to be in the same direction, now to ask for an extra $10 to support president obama's request for re-election, it's going to have some teachers outraged as they look for lifeguard work this summer. >> the $10 technically will be going into their crisis fund and what the crisis fund is going to do is it's going to help the president's team do messaging in advance. >> i think that's ridiculous, the white house has said it's going to raise over a billion dollars which is doing all these big fundraisers for all these big businesses, they're hedging their bets, even if they don't like what he's been doing, they're going to give money to both sides, and these are teachers who one of the things they complain about is having to spend their own money for school supplies in order to make their classrooms look good and they're going to have the nerve to take another 10, 20, nickel and dime these teachers to death. that's really wrong. >> this is the former nea president, bob chase. he says the nea is using our power to block uncomfortable changes to protect the narrow
7:10 am
interests of its members and not advance the interest of the students and the schools. students and schools are lost in this battle. from state to state, from county to county. >> but, you know, the nea is -- well, it's a reliable source of democratic votes in the past. going forward, it looks like they're going to -- >> $10, give me a break! >> meanwhile, did you go to a parade yesterday or fireworks display either one of you? >> you might be a republican if you did. according to this latest study, you might be a republican if you in fact go to a parade and if you bring your kids to parades, you might be breeding future republicans, this according to -- >> breeding? >> yes. it's the hardcore facts. coming from harvard. >> right. >> the college that never stops. >> yes, what they say, lefties at harvard have come up with this study and they say events like this help republicans. they say if a kid goes to a
7:11 am
fourth of july parade before the age of 18, it increases the likelihood that he will be a republican by 2%. 4% increase that they will vote for a republican candidate. people -- >> is harvard so desperate for press? they have to put this out on a fourth of july weekend. it's embarrassing. if you're a liberal or democrat that enjoyed a parade yesterday because we're all americans, you have to be rolling your eyes and not wanting to align themselves with them. i used to go to the parade in new castle, wyoming, i would go in the parade every year and my grandfather would ride because he was a county commissioner and sometimes we would ride along with them but i remember, we used to throw all the candy out. i know that's not maybe allowed. >> i went to a parade yesterday up in colt spring, new york. it was a beautiful day. what do you think about this harvard study where they're talking about how it's unpatriotic to be patriotic. really, that's what they're saying. twitter us at and friends or e-mail us friends at
7:12 am
>> and if this came out before the parade, how empty the parades would be because democrats are afraid of raising republican children. >> i know. we don't want to breed any patriotic people. >> how many democrat politicians walked in parades yesterday and now you find out, hoh, it didn' do me any good. >> do you know someone looking for work? coming up this hour, you have five companies that are hiring right now. we'll tell you who they are. >> yep. we told you about david brock in the past hour, the head of media matters who is using taxpayer benefits to attack fox news. but wait until you hear about mr. brock's second in command. that man. straight ahead on "fox & friends."
7:13 am
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7:15 am
>> all right. we've been talking about how david brock of media matters are using taxpayer dollars to launch a war on fox news led by the site's founder david brock. listen to its second in command. >> work for an organization called media matters for america. our more than 80 staff members spend every day fact checking the conservative media. they're fairly busy people. and however, our fight has
7:16 am
changed recently. >> really? that was ari, executive vice president for the site. fox news contributor juan williams joins us right now from washington, d.c. the author a brand new book called "muzzled, the assault on honest debate" that will be released on july 26th. talk about honest debate, is there an honest debate going down here by an organization that says that they are a watchdog for the media when they're really going after fox news? who is this guy? >> you know, brian, obviously, it's not an honest watchdog group anymore. they used to monitor the media and point out things that are wrong, false and inappropriate which is fine but what you're hearing from ari rabin-havt is right now, they're involved in opposition research. they're digging up dirt on people. they're trying to ruin people's lives and reputation because they disagree with their politics and in specific here, what they disagree with is conservative politics and they really don't like fox news so they're going after everybody associated with fox news including the likes of me but
7:17 am
going after executives, their background, producers, their private lives as opposed to really arguing the facts of whatever it is they disagree with. >> i would put myself into that as well, juan. let's take a look at what this guy said. here's an example. media matters is conducting opposition research on a dozen or so mid and senior level execs and producers. i guess they're trying to see if they're disgruntled and will turn on the organization. he said we made a list of every single person who works for fox and trying to figure out who might be disgruntled and why we went out to try to meet them. is this unbelievable? this is this guy's mission? >> it is. and again, he has a political background. he has no background in journalism whatsoever. this is the guy that comes from the world of politics, working for the likes of al gore and other top democratic operatives and the whole idea of negative research and negative commercials, apparently that's where his mind set is centered.
7:18 am
for example, he brags about trying to disrupt fox's business interest. this has nothing to do with an argument, left vs. right. if he was truly coming from the left, he would say we have to engage all conversations. we want people to debate honestly but here's a guy who is trying to ruin a business and how that's charitable and how that qualifies for a 501c3 as a charitable educational institution is incredible! it's just a clear violation of the law. >> we know your problems with npr and our problems because of that as well. do you think they would even do something like this? >> no, i don't know of any example where they've engaged in that kind -- obviously, they will stigmatize people by, you know, only giving one point of view but here, you have a situation with media matters where if you at all vary from some sort of liberal orthodox, you're in their cross hairs, they attack in a way that is intended to ruin your personal life, ruin your business. it has nothing to do with an
7:19 am
honest debate. to me, this is the contrary of everybody who says, you know, we love america. we want to have a debate between left and right. let's get the truth out. here are where you're right on the facts and here's where you're wrong on the facts. that's not what's going on here. people need to understand, this is about ruining people and trying to take a company down to destroy a company. >> right. we'll have you on again. can't wait to talk to you about your new book "muzzled". congratulations on it. talk to you soon. >> thanks, bri. >> we talked a lot about media matters. if you want to file a complaint about media matters with the irs, i want you to do this. go to and click on the justice tab and we'll take it from there. coming up on this show, will casey anthony be found guilty? the one clue that could tell us which direction the jurors are going and when we might get a verdict. perhaps behavior like this is behind bad boy keifer sutherland's latest trouble. down goes the tree. why he's waking up to some bad news. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> time now for your news by the numbers. first, 13 years old, president obama's oldest daughter officially became a teenager yesterday. next, $15 million. that's how much maria shriver could reportedly score as an advance for a tell all memoir. shriver who just filed for divorce from arnold schwarzenegger could land one of the biggest book deals ever. finally $48 million. that's how much money british taxpayers spent in the past year to support the royal family. that's actually 5.3% less than last year.
7:24 am
>> 8:30 this morning, jurors will deliberate the fate of casey anthony for a second day. which way are the jurors leaning and is there a way to tell? >> joining us right now is former talk show host and correspondent for "america's most wanted." it was fascinating to watch yesterday and hear the prosecutors say, you know, who makes an accident look like a murder? >> they had a very impassioned argument. can you imagine being one of these jurors, though, i mean they have to sift through what is fact, what is fiction. they're hearing words like imaginary friends and phantom forensics and they have to go through the web of lies. 400 pieces of evidence they have to go through. nearly 100 witnesses in their testimony. i mean, this could be a pretty lengthy deliberation especially when you're thinking about first-degree murder and potentially putting somebody to death. >> when you watch today and the
7:25 am
jury might send questions back to the judge asking for clarifications here and there. is there a way to tell which way the jury is leaning based on those questions? >> great question. one thing to look for is how much testimony of george's and cindy's, the mother and father of casey, do they want read back to them. do they want reviewed because here's the thing. for example, if they believe that george took the stand and lied about having an affair, something that has really nothing to do with the case against casey. they can discredit all of his testimony and not take into account any of his testimony if they believe he lied about one thing. same thing with cindy. if they think she lied, they can discredit all of her testimony. watch for juror number 4. this is a church going woman. this is somebody the defense wanted on the jury because she said she would have trouble judging somebody. this is somebody the prosecution didn't want on and the defense
7:26 am
did. keep an eye on juror number 4. >> here's prosecutor linda, her final question to the jury. watch this. >> whose life was better? that's the only question you need to answer. in considering why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road dead. >> as you look at the summaries from both sides, who did the better job? >> impassioned arguments on both sides. here's what it's going to come down to and this is the thing about juries. if there were a little bit more physical evidence, if there was d.n.a. on the duct tape, duct tape fibers in the trunk, if somebody saw casey with the chloroform or saw her near to swamp, that's the thing. so the reality is common sense tells us that casey had
7:27 am
something to do, obviously, with what happened to her little, sweet girl. question is going to be, is there enough evidence? it's an extremely strong circumstantial case. >> you feel she'll be found guilty of murder but, perhaps, not first degree. maybe second. >> i don't believe she'll get first degree. i personally believe she'll get second degree murder. i believe this jury wants justice for little caylee and the only person in that room to penalize for what happened to her is casey. i don't believe, though, they'll give her first degree. >> and then the state will appeal. >> this case will play out over many weeks and months. >> and deliberations kick off one hour from right now. jon lieberman, always a pleasure. good to see you. >> the only thing that the stimulus plan stimulated, you guessed it, our debt. how is the white house going to explain this one? >> lot of explaining to do. he was weaving in and out of traffic for refusing to pull over. wait until you see how police
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> hey, time for your shot of the morning. here it is. check out this rare mix of a donkey and a zebra. he was born in a chinese zoo and is called zedunk, a hybrid cross of a donkey father and zebra mother who looked past the stripes and past the differences and fell in love. features black and white stripes of the legs with an upper body like a donkey. mom is getting along well with her son.
7:32 am
it's the fourth reported one in the world. so there you go. that isn't graffiti. that's a real living, breathing zedunk. >> that's almost like something we would have funded in the stimulus bill. >> right. well, we've -- >> we did study the effects of like smoking and drinking marijuana at the same time on monkeys. >> yeah. >> speaking of the stimulus, according to the seventh quarterly report, it gauges the impact of the stimulus -- >> by the way, when this comes in, you can't talk to steve. it's due any second now. hold all my calls. >> it comes from the white house itself. >> right, it came out on friday. nobody will be talking about it. here we are because you probably missed it on friday. the average cost to american taxpayers when you figure out the 2.4 million jobs created or saved, so -- which is a new metric that's never been used before until this administration. each of those jobs costs us $278,000 per job.
7:33 am
was that worth it? >> right. no. can i just say that? and i think the president will have a hard time justifying that. i think there are nine g.o.p. candidates who said i think i got a talking point where the president says the stimulus saved us from depression, they can turn around but at what cost? because are we ever going to be able to pay that money back? are the jobs permanent and is any job worth $278,000 when it pays somebody a lot less than that? >> it had to be a lot less and a lot of those jobs, remember, were temporary because a lot of that -- the census worker jobs that were important assignment to do but they were temporary. i remember when the white house came up with creative or saved, i thought wow, that is brilliant. i wish we would have come up with that. it's come back to bite them. you can't measure job saved. >> i think president bush said i'm a little concerned about the economy slowing down. i'm going to mail everybody $250. >> we worked with speaker pelosi, i shouldn't say we,
7:34 am
president bush worked with speaker pelosi, it was supposed to be timely, targeted and temporary. it was. it had very little effect of the economy. some people might argue it should have been done. it was a fraction in comparison to the stimulus bill which a lot of that money, go look at the statistics of where it was spent and a lot of it was the democratic constituency and a lot of it went to pay for silly studies. the zonkey but a lot of that stuff was not solid. now we're in a situation where it's nine republican candidates coming up against president obama and obama doesn't have a lot of leg to stand on but the republicans are going to have to come up with pretty specific ideas as to how they could actually create jobs for less than $278,000 per job. >> while paying down debt. >> government doesn't create jobs. >> 26 minutes before the top of the hour. let's start the news. >> we have the headlines on this tuesday. autopsy expected later today
7:35 am
could shed some light on the case of missing indiana university student lauren spierer. an autopsy could be conducted on a female body that was found in a creek north of indianapolis. police have been searching for spierer since june 2nd when she was last seen leaving a sports bar in the city after a night out with friends. later on, we could know whether or not it's her. >> and freedom is reportedly a few days away for dominique strauss-khan, a top investigator told "the new york post" that charges against the former imf chief could be dropped any time now. he faces charges for sexual assault of a new york hotel maid. however, the accuser's credibility has recently come into question. the investigator says dismissal is a certainty. his next appearance in court is two weeks away. >> shocking new study shows that environmental factors may be a bigger predictor in determining whether a child will develop autism. the new stanford study contradicts decades of prior research which is generally found that genes are mainly a
7:36 am
determining factor. the environmental factors in the study includes infections, diet or stress levels. the research is now being criticized by other experts. >> and talk about horseplay. 7-year-old java bolted from its farm and onto this busy highway in ohio. they had to shut the entire street down and try to catch the animal. luckily, for one was injured but i bet he was wiped out. >> had quite a story to tell. >> hello? >> hello there, mr. ed. all right. meanwhile, let's take a look at the satellite and the radar. we've put them together so you can see where it's raining. got quite a bit of activity overnight in the mid atlantic. right now, it looks as if there's a little shower activity continuing right now in the northern plains through portions of the great lake states. a little action down in louisiana overnight but for the most part, those showers are dissipating. as you head out on this 5th of
7:37 am
july morning, it is 70 degrees already in raleigh. room temperature here in new york city. 61 in cleveland. temperatures in the lower 50's throughout the ohio valley. 70's and 80's across portions of texas. it's going to warm up into the hot zone along much of texas back through the desert. 102 today in dallas. 90 in raleigh and looks like we'll top out at 89 today in chicago, illinois. that's a quick look at the fox travelcast. now time for a special guest with our scoreboard guy. >> all right. he led the auburn university football team, i don't know if you heard about this, to a national title. he certainly did. capping off a perfect 2010 season and earning a meeting with president obama at the white house. the third president this coach has made face to face. he explains how family and faith are the most crucial elements behind his success on the field and in life. coach chizik joins us live with
7:38 am
his brand new book on a big rollout. "anything but easy" how distant did this look for you leaving iowa state for auburn after two years as head coach at 5-19. >> well, i think, you know, just going back to what i said in the book, obviously, the two critical elements for me in my life is my family and my faith. and of course, football is part of something i do every day so it's a topsy truvy world of college football and there's a lot of moving parts in there. that's part of the business. i explain a lot of that in the book of how that transition took place from iowa state to auburn even though that, you know, we endured that albatross of 5-19 around our neck, it all worked out for the best. >> it did. you talk about when -- remind me of the military. i read to the military buy ago rae ra daesh biographies, your kids have to go to school, so does
7:39 am
your family. if your dad loses two or three games in a row, the kids hear it in school. >> we explain a lot of that. you're right, you know, you submerge yourself into -- your heart and soul into a program with the kids, with the community, it's a hard situation to lead any of those. you know, i haven't seen very many situations where a coach leaves a school to go to another one and it is an easy move so the wives are a lot of times, like you said, in the military. they're left, you know, kind of holding everything together and it's just a tough situation. >> one thing you did, you said when you're going to hire me at iowa state, i'm going to have a chaplain and i'm going to have a spiritual advisor for the players and for the -- not for the fans. for the players and the coaches and why is that important? >> it's important to me because, you know, again that's a huge part of who my wife and myself are and it's what we believe in and what i do for a living, i'm a father and a husband as well as a football coach. and i hang my hat on a lot of my faith to get me through all of
7:40 am
the things that you have to endure as a college football coach. so simply put, it's just a huge part of what we do. >> you've met three presidents. met president clinton in his library and met president bush in the white house and you met president obama on june 8th, i believe, in the white house. what was that like? >> it was great, you know, president obama did a great job. i really appreciated and our players appreciated him taking time to shake everybody's hand but it was a great trip, you know, our guys unless they're traveling to play a game somewhere, they might not really get out of auburn very much and it was a great experience for them to be able to go to the white house and experience something they can tell their kids and grandkids. >> one of the guys there, cam newton, do you win a national championship without that superstar as your quarterback? >> well, i think as we know, cam is a great player. and he is a -- he's obviously a great individual as well. i won't work on the hypotheticals of that because we had a lot of great players around him. and i don't want people to lose sight of that. but it was just a great football team, a very unique team all the
7:41 am
way around and some of the stories in the book tell you some behind-the-scenes look. >> one of the things people are going to take from this book, coaching football is what i do, not who i am. work your way backwards from there. >> absolutely. that's part of what's in "all in." >> thanks so much for coming in. great to he soo you. >> tell me what you prepared for the rest of the show. >> we've got plenty. >> yeah, one of them is going to be what we talked about earlier, should the republican party cut a deal on the debt or hold out and demand that democrats scale back spending? we'll get a chance to talk to senator ron johnson who has been involved in this debate. he'll be here next. >> think it was his bizarre behavior like this? remember that? jack bower, where keifer sutherland is waking up to more bad news today. ♪
7:42 am
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>> hey, some quick headlines now. it's one headache after another for new mexico residents. crews already battling a huge wildfire. they're now worried about flash flooding as rain moves into the southwest. perhaps it was bizarre behavior like this or maybe it was something else. but for whatever reason, actor keifer sutherland is a single man again. i've never seen this christmas tree thing. the "24" star has left long time
7:45 am
girlfriend chivon, i'm over it now, because i can barely pronounce her name. she's been linked to another new york woman but says the two are just friends. dana? >> all right. the clock is running out for congress to reach a deal on the debt ceiling in order to prevent the government from defaulting on billions of dollars in loans and now there's talk of a possible mini deal. but our next guest says that may not be the best way to go. wisconsin senator ron johnson, a member of the senate budget committee joins us from our d.c. bureau. senator, it's kind of unusual for washington to have somebody involved in running in a business to be involved in talks as important as these. tell us where you think the discussion stands at the moment. >> good morning, dana. thanks for having me on. i think there's a growing group of republican senators and house members that actually are willing to increase the debt ceiling as long as we fix the problem. you know, we've had a proposal out there for a couple of months and i went over to the house study committee and talked about
7:46 am
this as well. cut cap and balance. you know, we need to cut spending in the next couple of years off the base line, that can save trillions but then we got to provide a statutory cap to put us on the glide path over a number of years, to get our spending size government down and i think what's absolutely crucial because no matter what law congress passes, they'll figure some way to weasel around it. we have to pass a constitutional amendment to limit the size of government, to balance the budget. and if we pass that -- that piece of legislation from the house, and then increase in the debt ceiling be contingent on sending that balanced budget amendment to the states, let's let the people decide. let's let the states decide. i'm happy to let the american people install that discipline on all of us so we have to start prioritizing spending for the first time in decades. >> it seems to me in a way this is coming down to the age old debate that democrats want to raise taxes, republicans want to cut spending. how much time do we have in order to actually get this done? i mean, they said august 2nd is
7:47 am
really the date. you've is nsent a letter to the white house. i wonder what kind of response you've got from the president. >> i sent a letter to the white house on may 25th saying it was very irresponsible for the administration to be scaring the american people. they're irresponsible to assume they're going to get an increase in the debt ceiling and not have a contingency plan in place. i finally got a response from secretary geitner last week and i've sent a letter back to him basically saying if one social security recipient doesn't get their check and one soldier doesn't get paid, if one debt payment is not met, it's their fault. it would be their choice. there's no reason, because if we don't increase that debt ceiling right away, we would to have live within our means and that would be according to the president's own budget. $2.6 trillion. dana, that's $800 billion more than we spent just 10 years ago under bill clinton. it wouldn't have to be a crisis if we actually planned for it. that was the purpose of that letter. and i've been very disappointed that this president has not led
7:48 am
on this issue at all. he's -- he's just been gone. he's been awol on this issue. >> help us with the news this morning that people are seeing news about a possible mini deal, this would be a little bit of an increase in the debt ceiling for a little bit of decrease in the spending. the white house yesterday rejected that and said that the president has consistently said it's in the country's interest to have a long-term deal. now, from your perspective on the republican side, is a mini deal anything that y'all could accept? >> listen, that's just business as usual here in washington and dana, last week, i stood up in the senate and i started to object. i started to withhold my consent until we actually started addressing this issue right up front. now, i know president obama tried to take credit for not, you know, not having the senate, you know, take their recess but it was people like senator jeff sessions, and i certainly have made my intentions very clear that i would object if we went on recess because we have got to start addressing this problem this week and that's what i hope to do while we're in session. >> i know you haven't been quiet about it.
7:49 am
we'll be watching you over the next week as you continue to hold everybody's feet to the fire. thanks so much for coming on. >> thanks for having me on. >> all right, senator. are you looking for work or do you know somebody who is? next, the five companies hiring this week. plus are democrats tearing up -- planning to tear up the presidential ticket? dumping joe biden for another top democrat in the race for re-election? we'll tell you whose name is being floated. and then on this day in 1989, the number one song was "baby, don't forget my number" by millie vanilli, i think it was my favorite song before they turned out to be fakers. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit.
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7:53 am
>> on the job hunt. if you're looking for a job, you're not alone. we're here with help today. every week we're featuring the top five companies hiring across the country. cheryl casoni from the fox business network is here to break it down. >> good morning, steve. >> this is great, we know there are a lot of people out there who need jobs. these are five companies that are hiring this week. we start off with the big car tire maker. >> bridgestone. they have been making tires since 1930 and they are a tokyo company, they're worldwide but they were just nominated as one of boeing's best suppliers. this is a company that, you know, if your customers tell you you're a good company, you're making good tires, they're hiring across the country. mostly in texas, california and florida right now are the bulk of the jobs. there's management jobs and there's also customer service jobs and if you think you're good with a car, that would be available to you as well. but it's really good for, in particular, college grads that are looking for some management experience.
7:54 am
>> all right. >> and they have full and part time, $8 to $20 an hour right now. >> a lot of people associate the muscular dystrophy association with labor day but you're saying that right now, mda is hiring. >> mda, they've got 200 offices across the country right now and it's not just about -- they have the summer camp program where they go out and take the kids out and the families at no cost, of course to the family. they made $58 million in the telethon last year. they're looking for management jobs but they're looking if you want to go out and work with the families, those are available to you as well and sales, i mean, they have to keep raising money to do the work that they're doing. if you have corporate experience, if you have office experience, mda is great because you actually feel good about what you're doing and again, they're across the country and they're hiring right now. >> somebody else that's hiring is the avis budget group. >> the car rental company. yeah, they merged. they were avis and budget that were separate companies that recently merged. this is an interesting one. they've gotten really good customer feedback recently. the management jobs and the
7:55 am
retail, the customer service jobs are all kind of there. great for a college grad. look at his customer service. best job for the company at the airport where they do the bulk of their rentals. it's full-time positions. you get a company car and investors like this company. the stock has performed really well. that's something i look at as well. >> whenever i want a bowl of soup or loaf of bread, i go to panea and they're hiring. >> they're opening up 25 new restaurants. orlando alone is getting the bulk of those restaurants. they are expanding like wildfire right now. they also have a good social responsibility platform. ron shake, the executive chairman of the company, i've had him on the show on the fox business network, he is actually opening up his third panera cares bakery. if you walk in, you pay whatever you want for your sandwich. all of the money that that place takes in, that particular location goes to local charities to help feed the homeless, the hungry in that city but also, again, management jobs. if you're right out of college and you're struggling to look for a job and a lot of our
7:56 am
college grads are really struggling right now for work, as you know, this is a great place to go and get some experience and they're public. they had a great second quarter by the way. >> final company hiring right now. trugreen. >> you know what? most of the jobs are in california. you have to be in good shape. it's a lawn care company. full-time jobs. in california, you get a hybrid car to drive around so -- >> very nice. check her out on the fox business network. her program is noon eastern time. the power to prosper. all right, cheryl, thank you very much. >> you bet. thank. >> meanwhile, we hope that helps all of you. coming up, at the top of the hour, the president's plan to capture new voters in 2012 by recruiting them on twitter. speaking of 2012, president obama is trading in his silver haired partner for a new younger running mate? who could replace joe biden? nobody in our hearts. what about the president?
7:57 am
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[ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tigua [ grunts ] >> dana: good morning. it's tuesday, july 5. i'm dana perino in for gretchen carlson. the case that gripped the country could come to an end today. is casey anthony guilty? will she live or die? jurors on their way to debate her fate. >> steve: the president making
8:00 am
promises to environmentalists. that could cost you long after he's out of office. his new crackdown on cars and how much you'll pay for it straight ahead. >> brian: say it ain't so, joe. talk behind closed doors to ditch joe biden in 2012, make him secretary of state? who is in line to replace the vp? laura ingraham reacts to a possible front runner. and she'll react candidly. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: welcome aboard, folks. it's tuesday that feels like monday. hope you had a great fourth of july. look who is here for gretch today, it is the great dana perino. >> brian: i was told not to hit you again. it's good to see you. >> thank you. >> brian: doesn't she just say welcome to summer. >> dana: now for your headlines.
8:01 am
let's start with our fox news alert. two separate attacks leaving four nato service members dead. both happened overnight in eastern afghanistan. three troops died after a road side bomb went off. it's not clear if any of the troops were american. this latest round of violence brings the death toll to nine coalition troops since the start of the month. another developing story, you're looking at new video this morning from baha, california's coast as the mexican navy searches for seven missing u.s. tourists. they disappeared when a fishing boat capsized. there is still hope they could be alive because the water is warm. it was carrying a total of 44 passengers and crew members. it was hit by two massive waves. one man, an american, was unfortunately found dead. freedom is reportedly just a few days away for dominique strauss-kahn. a top investigators tells the "new york post" that charges
8:02 am
against him could be dropped any time now. he faces charges for sexual assault of a new york hotel maid. however, the accuser's credibility has come into question in recent days. the investigator says dismissal is a certainty. his next appearance in court is two weeks away. what better way to end a patriotic weekend than with fireworks? here in new york city, this display led up the sky over the hudson river. families celebrated on facebook, posting pictures of their loved ones serving our country country. here is adrian van wick holding the flag there. check out little margaret. she was just reunited with her dad after he spent a year in iraq. that is a sweet picture. >> steve: that is great. >> dana: those are your headlines. >> brian: two minutes after the top of the hour. president obama all set to host a twitter town hall tomorrow at the white house. he's expected to field plenty of tweets about the struggling economy in 140 characters or less.
8:03 am
it will be tough. mike emmanuel is live at the white house, he is not under that restriction. what do we know about the twitter town hall? >> brian, steve, dana, good morning. president obama taking to the social media once again. he did a facebook town hall. up next, a twitter town hall, 2:00 o'clock eastern tomorrow afternoon and his answers will go out over a web cast. jay carney gave us a bit of a preview. take a listen. >> there will be multiple ways that questions will get to the president. twitter users will begin asking questions via the ask obama hash tag today to identify the most common questions. >> bottom line, the obama campaign got a lot of credit for using social media in new and exciting ways. so trying to reengage those younger voters as we head into 2012 mode. >> steve: those kids can type past with their thumbs.
8:04 am
has the white house rolled out another twitter user? >> they have. vice president joe biden getting into the game. in fact, his first tweet yesterday was a tribute to the troops, vp and dr. b, hope you take time to think about our troops and military family this is independence day. happy 4th from the office of the vice president. again, trying to reengage with younger voters. we've seen republicans out on the campaign trail also getting into the social media trick trying to engage younger, perhaps republican leaning voters. as they crisscross across iowa, new hampshire and some of the early states, they're making sure to engage on social media trying to get those younger folks to get excited about their campaigns, guys. >> steve: understood. >> dana: actually it was michelle bachman who was one of the early adopters of social media with the tea party and she had a little bit of a jump start against some of the other
8:05 am
candidates. >> what she said. exactly. >> dana: that's right, mike. >> brian: go ahead, mike. >> i said i don't challenge dana anymore. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. let's join laura ingraham live in the cap top. i wonder if anthony wiener will be sending questions to the white house. >> there is nothing worse than middle age guys and gals trying to be cool by getting into tweeting. i was with a bunch of teen-agers last night, a friend of mine, big fourth of july party, and none of them do twitter. so i think they're a little behind the curve on what the kids are doing. >> brian: it's amazing how much changed. in 08, everyone is talking about text messaging and e-mail. the obama administration ahead of the curve there. but now in just three short years, we are talking about social media being the thing. now people are talking about apps, people are talking about
8:06 am
facebook. and nitwitter. what does it all mean to you? >> let me tell you, what i think, regardless of how you're reaching people, you have to reach people with more than kind of a cutesy thing. just because joe biden is referring to ovp doesn't mean he's down with the kids on the economy. so i think all of this is kind of a lot of smoke and mirrors, but not a lot of substance. >> steve: people don't want apps, they want jobs. >> exactly. >> steve: it sounds like the republicans might take a mini deal to tide things over, maybe, if that's the best they can get? >> to me, when bill clinton gets involved, it's kind of like lucy and the football. the republicans are -- all right! clinton has a great idea and they fall. look, if it's a massive and critical problem for the country, as we've been told for months and months and months,
8:07 am
and i think it is, then republicans have to use their leverage and advantage that they have politically now to continue to drive this message home to the people. i think they lose their leverage and i think they put off the debate for another day, which should be had now to the benefit of all americans and conservatives by forcing this issue. why put it off until after the election if you're on the right side of the political and substantive argument? i think it's a trap. i think the republicans are ready to step into it and i think it's really unfortunate. i think it will tick off a lot of people. >> dana: actually, laura, i think that the white house thinks that the republicans are going to blink. but that's not the sense that i get. i understand from a leverage standpoint why the republicans would blink, especially on a no new taxes pledge. >> now we find out in a big "wall street journal" piece about this lingo about, oh, it's millionaires and billionaires and corporate jet owners, when we know they're set to eliminate tax deduction, business tax deductions and others for
8:08 am
families earning like a joined income of $250,000 a year. we all know that's a lot of small business owners. that's huge percentage of the american new prosperity class in this country. so it's not millionaires and billionaires. it's a massive hit to families all across this country if the democrats get their way. republicans should start talking about that today. not the mini deal is a maxey disaster. >> brian: i realize you tend to be a conservative. now, what do you think about david brooks' column today that says that if republicans don't give a little, they are in danger of alienating independents and so-called moderates? >> i think they're in danger of alienating david brooks, which is very sad for a lot of people, but david brooks is an interesting guy to read. i think he's a smart person. i'm not sure what david brooks' constituency is across the united states. and for all the little snide comments over the last few years
8:09 am
about the tea party, i think we know one thing. if we had followed the american greatness conservativism model and continued to go down that road of more spending then certainly the republicans wouldn't have won the elections and we saw what happened with john mccain and bob dole and every republican has come around who wanted to be a, quote, normal republican, which is a very kind way of david brooks referring to the rest of us, i guess, as kind of mutant, weird, strange people. >> dana: one of the things about the david brooks thing that's interesting is that he says the white house is offering a republicans trillions of dollars of cuts. but that's not the case. if that's true, then they've not released that to the public. >> he does have a really good access to the white house. we know that. there are certain type of republicans that the white house will engage with and i think david brooks is one of them. he's a smart guy. not sure what his real reach or constituency is. >> steve: from ovp to oh, baby,
8:10 am
could that possibly be true, a story in the new york post said perhaps joe biden would be replaced on the ticket in 2012 by andrew cuomo. he's the democrat governor of the great state of new york who is having a really -- who had a really good legislative session what do you think about that? >> i think this is another story that will keep people occupied for a couple of days and it will go absolutely nowhere. i don't see what andrew cuomo brings to the ticket. new york is going to go for obama unless something really weird happens in the election. and cuomo is two years into his four-year term. i think he actually has really interesting fiscal positions and he's really ticked off a lot of the environmentalists on the issue of drilling for natural gas in upstate new york who desperately needs those jobs. on the issue of marriage, i'm not sure he's going to really resonate with middle america. it would energize maybe the democrat base, but again, in the end, all of this is window
8:11 am
dressing. the economy is where it's at and obama has bled jobs, has spent us into a further hole that he claimed to be digging us out of, and that's going to be the argument. andrew cuomo being on the ticket is not going to change any of that. so why ditch joe biden? what are we going to do for laugh lines? >> dana: the white house denied it, but also i would say if i were andrew cuomo, i wouldn't want to hitch my wagon to that star. i'd rather wait and he'd probably be in a stronger position to run in 2016 after having a good term as governor. >> bingo. of course. what's in it for him? jumping on this band wagon, the right wheel is off, the back wheel is off, the axle is broken, and like wooo, let's party with the obamas. i don't think so. i wouldn't go there either. >> brian: how do you feel about the new push from the white house to get the message -- to car companies to get your average mile per gallon up to 56 by 2025.
8:12 am
how do you feel about that? >> whatever we can do to make the epa happy and all the invie row groups that are driving this economic recovery of ours. this is more of the obama attempt to remake america. they're not emphasizing the global warming aspect of this, which is kind of interesting. but nevertheless, they're pushing ahead with this. it's a bit surprising to me in an election year that he would do this. this seems to me an odd miscalculation. but again, he promised he would do this. this is what he campaigned on. and he's moving forward with it. all i know is maybe this is kind of some weird way to spur the sales of suv across the united states. maybe it's just like a real weird -- >> dana: they release it in an exclusive interview with the "new york times" on july 3 when nobody is paying attention. so those who read it, they're like, okay, good, he did that for us and actually it won't go forward because the association says it will cost us jobs.
8:13 am
>> no offense to people with small cars, but i have three kids and i'm not putting them in a clown car. >> steve: although there were a lot of clown cars on the streets over the weekend for the parades throughout america. >> that's true. i think the fact that you and your whole family -- you and your son alone would not fit in a clown car either. you're tall and manly. you wouldn't fit. >> steve: all right. laura, always a pleasure. we'll see you back here next week. >> take care. >> brian: meanwhile, coming up, in becoming the life of the party, will casey anthony now face death? legal analyst peter johnson, jr. up next with his analysis. he's been studying this case. >> dana: and talk about extra baggage, a guy straps himself inside a suitcase and blame has woman of course. >> brian: he was carrying liquids.
8:14 am
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>> dana: in minnesotas, the jury will begin its first full day of deliberations in the casey anthony murder trial. yesterday the prosecution got the last word. >> whose life was better?
8:17 am
that's the only question you need to answer in considering why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road dead. >> dana: so in becoming the life of the party, will casey anthony now face death? joining us, fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. >> yeah. it's been a breath taking set of events here. really has captured the imagination of the nation. most people believe that she's guilty. of those, a lot of the people want to see her face the ultimate penalty in this case. so the theory of the prosecution at this point is well, we have some forensic evidence from some experts, some of whom have never testified about this stuff in court before, but the ultimate issue seems to have become was her motivation to become a party girl and lose the tether to this beautiful little child that
8:18 am
caused her in some way to kill the child? >> dana: take us inside the jurors' room. they've been sequestered for weeks. they're now starting to deliberate. what's it like as jurors feeling that pressure? >> i think we have to put ourselves in their shoes because we're not the jurors and we haven't watched all the testimony. and what they're feeling, though, i think is a great weight and a great responsibility. this judge has been serious will what they need to do. but at the same time, you need to know they've come from another county. they've come to sit on this case. and so they also know that there was a tremendous amount of media publicity before this case and they all vowed and swore that they would put it out of their minds. but at the same time, they know that this is a case of national importance, national interest, and they know they're going to have to go home to their hometowns and give account to their friends and families about
8:19 am
what they did. so i would say the pressure is tremendous. >> dana: once the verdict is rendered, at what point then are those jurors, if they wish, allowed to talk to the media or speak publicly about it? >> thank god this is america and they will be able to speak to the media. some will not. some will rush into the arms of the beckoning media to sell books, to get paid for interviews. not here at fox, but other places. so that's an opportunity for some folks. >> dana: what happens if there is an appeal? there is going to be an appeal. >> there is an automatic appeal under florida law, and there will be one in this case. a lot of observers, especially those who have a commercial interest, not here at fox, in insuring a guilty verdict and as a lawyer, i find that kind of disgusting. we've got to be fair about it and let the evidence dictate what happens no matter what we
8:20 am
feel. they thought there would be a verdict yesterday after six hours of deliberation. >> dana: you might get a verdict today. >> we're all looking for justice for that young girl, caylee, today, and god help these jurors that they do it in a just way. >> dana: thank you, peter. because of high taxes, huge american companies are sending jobs overseas. but are they to blame or should the government be doing more to keep them right here? the debate is next. then, thought you saw the full picture of the war room during osama bin laden's capture? turns out there is something here the government didn't want you to see. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
8:21 am
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>> steve: quick headlines. at least 35 people are dead after a pair of attacks just north of baghdad. police say a car bomb went off in the iraqi city. then as people rushed to help, a secondary bomb exploded. dozens more were hurt and have been rushed to area hospitals. meanwhile, three top iowa staffers are ditching republican hopeful herman cain's campaign. they're reportedly upset over a lack of commitment to the upcoming iowa straw poll. i believe that's in august. last week, cain's new hampshire director quit citing similar circumstances. >> brian: the ceo's of companies like google and apple are sitting on cash, but they're afraid to create jobs here in the united states. they blame high corporate taxes and too much government regulation. so who is really responsible for creating jobs? should they show more patriotism? joining us right now for a fair
8:25 am
and balanced debate, john fund, and radio talk show host, neil, asbury. should these companies feel an obligation towards this country to bring their business here? >> brian, it's all about the environment. it's true that made in america means jobs in america, but this administration has been woefully inadequate at creating the environment to make our companies want to stay here. now, just take my own example, yes, i'm a radio host, but also a manufacturer and exporter. i got to look at myself every morning in the mirror and i make some decisions that i'm not particularly proud of about where to make things and where to buy things. i have to deal with the world in the way that it is. not the way that i wish it to be. we're dealing in this dysfunctional world, right? we all have to fit in or we have to perish. so i'm very upset, yes, with myself and with other american companies for moving overseas. but it's all about the environment. this government needs to create the environment.
8:26 am
they don't create the jobs, but they create the environment. >> brian: we got 24,000 employees for google, 49,000 for apple. 2,000 for facebook. a lot of them are not here. whose fault is that? >> remember, these are different manufacturing companies. instead of producing things you can really touch, they are producing software, they are producing things of the mind. so they have incredibly portable capital. capital goes where it's best treated. and as neil says, right now we have a situation of incredible uncertainty in this country. the papers today show, look, there is going to be changes in the small business tax deductions if we have a budget deal, all kinds of tax increases that will burden small business. do you think anyone wants to create jobs in this kind of uncertain environment? no. that's why we have $2 trillion in capital sitting on the side lines not creating jobs because nobody knows what the future is and they fear the future is a lot more taxes and a lot more other stuff. >> brian: google has $167 billion.
8:27 am
apple 317 and facebook $100 billion. these people have all -- the ceo's have all met with the president and been advisors with him to a degree. why can't the president convince them to bring more jobs home? >> think about it. it's even worse than that. when these companies go overseas, it's not all what it's cranked up to be. there is a lack of efficiency and a lack of protections. they're jumping into environments where they have to now cow tow to communists. there is nothing to protect intellectual property. yet they're going into that environment instead of staying home here. so if we have to ask ourselves, why are we making them do that? maybe we should be looking at ourselves in the mirror and saying, something is wrong right here at home. >> brian: john, do you fault some of these ceo's? they have the president's ear. can't they tell him the reason why the jobs aren't here? >> look, these ceo's aren't the first people who voted for barak obama, supported barak obama,
8:28 am
and can't get him to listen. the problem is he's trapped in a mindset which basically is all about fairness, it's all about burden sharing, and it's not really at its core about job creation. no matter what these ceo's say, i don't see the administration moving and i think they'll have to because unemployment rate is 9.1%. if the president doesn't care about that economically, he should care about that politically. >> brian: i know about the corporate tax rate, it's too high. it was recommended we lower it. great debate. thanks. >> thank you. >> brian: meanwhile, 32 minutes left in the show. a lot coming up. media matters using tax free money to attack fox news. the irs not doing anything about it. the same agency stripped a gop group of its tax exempt status 12 years ago. remember that? then talk about dragged around excess baggage. wait until you hear why this guy jams himself into a suitcase. it was a dare. a video gone viral. a man claims a bird stole his
8:29 am
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>> steve: if you've been worried about the shout of the morning, here it is. >> brian: we had three of them today. >> steve: a lot of shots this morning. sea gull snatching one man's video camera. taking it for a ride around cannes, france. many people think it's real. others speculate and think it could be an ad for go pros wearable cameras. isn't -- what do you think? fake or real? >> dana: fake. >> steve: yeah. it's too perfect.
8:33 am
>> dana: but real headlines. >> brian: i think it's real. that bird looks real. >> steve: real bird. did it really grab the camera or was it strapped to the bird? >> dana: i think strapped. >> brian: we'll find out. >> dana: here is real headlines. are we voting on that? >> brian: yeah, can we vote? >> dana: one of the most wanted men in mexico is busted. jesus aguilar reportedly third in command of the powerful zetas cartel arrested outside mexico city. the u.s. government had a $5 million reward out on him. he's suspected of plotting the ambush that left u.s. customs agent jamie zapata dead. >> brian: autopsy expected today that could shed light on the case of missing indiana university student lauren spierer. it will be conducted on a female body found in a creek north of indianapolis. police have been searching for her since june 2 when she was last seen leaving a sports bar in the city after a night out with friends. >> steve: you remember this famous picture from inside the white house situation room
8:34 am
during the raid on osama bin laden's compound? apparently somebody very important is hidden from view. it's an unnamed c.i.a. analyst who hunted bin laden for nearly a decade after the september 11 attacks. he was the point man in gathering intelligence on the pakinstani compound where bin laden was killed. the ap uncovered his identity, but the government still won't allow his name to be released. he'll forever be known simply as john, which we are led to believe is his middle name. >> dana: talk about a heavy packer, this guy with his hand covering his face. had his girlfriend stuff him in her suitcase to try to escape from a mexican prison after a conjugal visit. it didn't work and she's under arrest. the boyfriend is serving a 20 year sentence for illegal weapons possession. >> dana: and he's a contortionist. >> brian: i'm sure he is.
8:35 am
>> steve: meanwhile, on this tuesday morning, take a look at where it's raining. we got rain moving through portions of nebraska, into south dakota, moving into portions of iowa, and minnesota at this hour. also widely scattered showers across portions of dixie land. as you head out, it will feel like a tuesday in the summer because it is. increased humidity across much of the land n. raleigh and new york, we've got 73 degrees. 75 in memphis. warmer yet along the gulf coast. temperatures in the 80s and increased humidity. later on today, take a look at this. today's daytime high, as we celebrate the day after the fourth of july, today's high in new york will be 91 degrees. looks like raleigh-durham and atlanta and memphis and kansas city, about the same. lower 90s. then you'll hit 100 in dallas and phoenix as well. come close to it in el paso and san antonio. much of florida will be in the
8:36 am
upper 80s to lower 90s. >> dana: you still didn't give rapid city a shout out. >> steve: what was it? 123-4781. >> brian: you guys -- 81. >> brian: you talk about illegal immigration and where we're going right now with comprehensive immigration reform, this is the guy you need to talk to. >> steve: jose antonio vargas and he outed himself in the "new york times" magazine and he said he was a kid, he went to the dmv to get a driver's license and they said, what are you kidding? this is a fake number. >> dana: he says he was september when he was 11 or 12, by his mother from the philippines to the united states where he was living with relatives and that when he went to get his driver's license, the woman, the clerk looked at the back of the card and said, this is not real. it is fake. and don't come back here. and that was the first that he realized that he was in the country illegally and then he
8:37 am
just told lie after lie after lie and he finally decide it was all too much. he had lied to his employers and to others and now he actually won a pulitzer prize winning team at the "washington post" and now he's basically not working there. >> brian: he quit, right? >> steve: he said he had to because he wants to help get a dream act passed in this country. what's interesting, though, is one of his bosses at the "washington post" knew he was in the country illegally and there is a columnist who is writing the washington times today who talks about this guy should be a poster child for e verify because if every employer in the country were required to punch in your social security number, they would have known that that guy was in this country illegally and clear up a lot of the problems. >> brian: he was on this very couch about 90 minutes ago and he had this to say about his entire operation and why he did it. >> when i was younger, went to the social security administration with this passport, which i didn't know
8:38 am
was fake. i didn't find that out until later on. it was important to come forward and say, i'm sorry that i broke our country's laws. i'm sorry that i had to do what i had to do. but what was i supposed to do? i wanted to work. i wanted to pay taxes and i wanted to contribute. >> dana: there are a lot of people that are kind of caught -- a lot of people say they were caught in that situation, sent to america as young children and now are in limbo status. there is a movement afoot on capitol hill to resolve that, but the problem is, how do you deal with fraud? how do you not deal with border security? many democrats have been reluctant to pass a dream act because then they're afraid they won't get more comprehensive immigration reform. i think that's true. >> brian: the other thing is, this is a personal story, humanizing the entire situation. but it's not the first one. we all saw the first story of a child being sent here, except for that while was from another planet and that child was superman and he saved the world a bunch of times. every week for years. and no one complained about his
8:39 am
immigration status. >> brian, you're fired. >> steve: that's so true. >> this is awful. >> steve: had smallville had everify back in the day. >> brian: superman would have been sent back where he came from. >> steve: maybe jarel sent fake documents. >> brian: superman had no planet to go to, because it exploded. >> steve: the fortress of solitude? they doctored his documents. meanwhile, let's talk about this. good news for the president's reelection campaign and that is that his reliable supporters, the nea, national education association, big teachers union, has endorsed him already, even this far out. and as if it's not enough, we know there are a number of teachers who are republicans, each teacher will have $10 of their dues, which they get their money from our tax dollars --
8:40 am
directed at this crisis fund to help him get reelected. >> dana: what crisis fund? >> steve: the reelection. >> dana: he said he's going to raise a billion dollars. i don't understand why they need it. we got e-mails from you on this. this one from kim, i'm a public school teacher who is adamantly opposed every political stance the nea has taken because it has nothing to do with education or teachers. i will definitely stand in opposition to a 10-dollar tax added to my dues which i am forced to pay. >> steve: thanks. >> brian: i got something from m spinny. that person says, wow. talk about telling you that you must support a specific candidate to reelection campaign. first thing i'm looking into today is to not being affiliated with the nea for next year. this makes me see red, whether or not i choose to support the candidate, i want no organization telling me how to vote. this is an implied directive. >> steve: yep, indeed. >> dana: even if you don't actually support them, your money has to go to support their campaign. i think that's wrong. >> steve: yep. what do you think? e-mail us. also if you're a teacher and you
8:41 am
don't like your money going that way, other stuff. >> brian: also straight ahead, the jury is deliberating the fate of casey anthony. the difference between life and death hangs in the balance. it could come down to just one of those jurors. judge alex ferrer and an author here to analyze. >> dana: then media matters using tax free money to attack fox news. why isn't the irs doing anything about it? the same agency wasted no time stripping a gop group of its tax exempt status. what's up with that? >> steve: yeah, what's up with that? female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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>> dana: quick headlines. the atlantis crew touched did you know in florida for the last ever space shuttle flight. the four astronauts are scheduled to head to the international space station friday for a 12-day mission. check out this amazing picture of a monkey taken by the monkey himself. the photographer was in indonesia when he decided to let one of the monkeys try out his camera. the monkey took hundreds of pictures, including this incredible self portrait. steve? >> steve: nice picture. meanwhile, we've been telling you how your tax dollars are subsidizing media matters' war against fox news channel. the irs not doing anything about it yet. but the irs was quick to strip another group of its money 12 years ago. joining us is the guy who brought this story to light, former white house counsel for the george herbert walker bush
8:45 am
administration, c. boyden gray. he wrote an article in the washington times called taxpayers subsidizing liberal media's war on fox, that got this ball rolling. boyden, thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure. >> okay. let's start by talking just a little bit about this group back in 1989 called american campaign academy. apparently it was kind of like a boot camp for republicans. they were denied their tax exempt status by the irs. right? >> that's correct. >> steve: why was that? >> the irs found that the people being trained were all republicans. they ended up in republican campaigns. the donors were all republicans. the people training were republican operatives and it was based on a blueprint that had been developed by the republican national committee. so the court found, after appeal from the denial by the service, the court found that this was a
8:46 am
partisan enterprise. now, when they filed for his tax free status with the irs, he didn't propose what he is now doing. he proposed to provide education al analysis of media. but after obama's election, he turned and started attacking fox, declaring war on fox. he started media boot camp for democratic operatives, very similar to the american campaign academy. so now if there is a challenge, which i'm told there are several, the irs should strip his organization of its tax free status. but the difference between the two is that the american campaign academy, the republican, so-called republican operation never got tax free status to begin with.
8:47 am
>> steve: sure. boyden, we over the last week or so have gotten a lot of e-mails from people who said that they watch these stories about how taxpayer money subsidizing the attacks on fox news and so they have filed a complaint with the irs. generally, how long does something like this take before somebody at the irs says, yeah, we got 8,000 of these, what are we going to do about it? >> you know, there is no deadline. it's hard to know from the records, i don't think anyone is ever going to study. it's possible one could do a review. but it could take a year or two. there is a remedy, i think that these complainers might have to go into court to push the irs a little bit. >> steve: are you talking about a lawsuit, sir? >> yes, i am. i think that's possible. it's not certain that you could do that because courts have rules about standing, that is,
8:48 am
are you really hurt and the ordinary taxpayer could -- might have a difficulty showing that in court. so it's not absolutely clear. on the other hand, there is a first amendment issue involved here which is taxpayer funding for an assault on your or fox's press rights. and no one begrudges david brock using his money or george soros' money to do anything they want to do in attacking fox, but to have taxpayer support for it puts it into a different category. >> steve: your suggestion that perhaps -- a taxpayer and there are hundreds of thousands, millions of them watching right now, that one of them might be able to launch a lawsuit against them that would land up in a court and perhaps that could get this ball rolling faster? >> that could work. i'm not saying that it's certain because it's never been done
8:49 am
before this way. but it simply is not out of the realm of possibility and i think it makes sense. the problem is you've got george soros who has plenty of money, doesn't need a tax deduction to make these gifts, can do this perfectly well without uncle sam cutting his taxes. >> steve: absolutely right. c. boyden gray, white house counsel during the administration of george herbert walker bush, thank you very much for joining us today. >> my pleasure. >> steve: straight ahead, the jury is deliberating the fate of casey anthony down in florida. the difference between life and death could come down to just one of those jurors. judge alex and arthur idal analyze that next and let's find out what happens in 11 minutes with that woman in red, alisyn. >> steve, we'll be talking about the very same thing because the jury in the casey anthony case is deliberating again and we could get a verdict at any moment. we'll be following that.
8:50 am
and the suspense is building on capitol hill. might republicans agree to a mini deal with democrats to raise the debt limit? what would that look like? and seven americans are still missing after their fishing boat capsized in mexico. we will go live to the search. bill and i will see you in ten minutes.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> dana: the jury is deliberating in the casey anthony murder trial right now. deciding if casey anthony will get the death penalty. >> brian: former florida circuit judge and the host of "judge alex," joins us now along with fox news legal analyst and defense attorney, arthur. what would you be thinking from a defense perspective as the
8:54 am
jury deliberates knowing what was fresh in their mind as they left behind closed doors? >> what i'm thinking right now, hopefully what i'm thinking right now, brian, is that as this woman's attorney, i did everything i could within the rules of law and the ethics and there is really nothing you can do. it's a feeling of helplessness. for the last three years, you're able to be pro-active, you're able to get involved, you're able to call witnesses, you're able to cross-examine. right now, you're there televisionling your thumbs until a note comes in from the jury asking for certain read backs of certain testimony, then you look through the transcripts. you find what the relevant pages are, you haggle with the prosecutor and then the judge decides what the jurors are going to hear regarding whatever notes they send out. >> steve: judge alex, when the judge gets those notes, what -- you've sat in his chair -- what can that tell you about the direction the jury is going? >> it can tell you a lot, if
8:55 am
they're asking questions about a particular count or what the law is on a particular count, you know where they're at at that point. depending on what they're asking about first degree murder, you kind of know when you answer that question where they're likely to go. so questions can be very, very eye opening, but on the other hand, i've gotten questions where the lawyers and i just looked at each other and scratched our head and said, i've got no clue why they're asking this question. it makes no sense. so it goes both ways. >> you can get burned and i'm sure this happened to the judge as well. you can get burned pretty well trying to read too much into the jury notes. like if they ask for murder one, you never know. they may have started from the bottom and working their way to the top or the top working their way to the bottom. i've been caught with egg on my face by looking at a jury's notes, reading into it and it turns out that's not what they were really looking for. >> steve: and judge, if they ask a number of questions, if the jury asks questions for read back on the testimony of the
8:56 am
parents, you would think that would mean what? >> really it depends at which time because it's reunusual -- i got to tell you, a lot of people think this is florida practice here, but it isn't. you don't usually call the same witness back seven, eight times. so if they ask for a read back, they'll have to specify which read back they want and depending on what that parent said, for example, what cindy anthony said on one occasion had to do with her clearly lies about doing the computer searches on chloroform. that would be very important readback for them to bring back. so you would have to know which one they're looking to hear and that would kind of tell you where they're going. >> steve: right. we thank you very much for joining us live today. the jury continues to deliberate. stay tuned to fox to find out which way it goes. >> dana: more on "fox & friends" in two minutes. yotake any surce, and place it between the earth's justice down upon it.
8:57 am
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>> brian: two days prior to the opening of "zookeeper," we have kevin james on tomorrow. >> steve: where he played the ups guy. >> dana: yes. >> brian: and mall cop. >> steve: indeed. >> brian: of course, he was the star of another show. >> steve: we hope you join us, plus if you got a question for him, e-mail us and we'll try to ask him that tomorrow. >> brian: he might be tight lipped. >> steve: he could be. dana, thank you for being h
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